Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gloria Safi Barlow Maclure.
Born May 7th, 11.27am by cesarean.
Weight 3.87kgs/8.5lbs. Length 49.5cm.
Mother and baby doing well.
Nelson a proud brother.
Me a proud Dad.
Pictures here.
Unlike most Brazilians, she arrived positively early.

Gloria. Because of the glory of God. This year has not been an easy one for some members of our family, close and extended. But we believe all things, from birth, through life to death occur for the ultimate glory of God.

Safi. A Swahili adjective meaning pure, clean, honest, decent.

Barlow. Rachel's maiden name which has to be included according to Brazilian law (and my wife's wishes).

Maclure. The best surname in the world.


magicroundabout said...

Congratulations Rachel and Dave! That's very exciting news and early too. Bet that was a surprise.

Georgie said...

She has the BEST birthday ever!! And i get to share my birthday with the cutest baby!

Glad all is well and many congratulations to you all.

Lots of love.x