Thursday, May 22, 2008

Amusing uses of English: spot the mistake. The picture is of a toy car Nelson got for Christmas. I only spotted the "mistake" a few months later, can you see it? Answers next week.

Today = Corpus Christi. Getting back into the swing of work hasn't been too easy but it's certainly made easier by the arrival of another strategically placed national holiday. On the agenda, trying to get us all out of the house to have lunch in a restaurant.

Chad. Trouble may be brewing in the African country my parents are in, so please keep them and it in your prayers. Updates on here when I get it.

10 reasons why having a baby in a Brazilian hospital is different to having a baby in an English one. Every day for the next ten days (if I can make blogger's delayed timed posting thingy work!) I'll put up a short bit about how this whole experience of having Gloria here in Natal differed to when Nelson was born in York. First one tomorrow.

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