Friday, May 30, 2008

10 reasons why having a baby in a Brazilian hospital is different to having a baby in an English one.

8. The spelling. Just a funny moment really stemming from my inability to communicate in Portuguese and the fact that Brazilians are not generally so pre-occupied with lexical accuracy in the same way we are in the UK. When Rach was half out of it prior to her epidural, one of the nurses kept trying to get Rachel's details down accurately for the paperwork. I shouted out the spelling to her and after several attempts at transcribing the name Rachel Barlow Maclure, the nurse confirmed she had it down straight. Two minutes later she proudly showed me the card with the name legibly written on it. It read: "Raquel Bally Macrura". Ahhh, yes, well. I politely explained it was nearly right but not quite right and wrote it down myself.

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