Saturday, July 23, 2005

Back online. The REM gig recieved favourable reviews A friend also showed me a cool site recently: Google Earth - satellite images of the whole world which you can zoom in on. Certain places you can zoom right in so as to see people on streets!

Wifeless. So Rach has gone across to Maine - site of Stephen King novels - to prep for Merrianne's wedding. I expect they're doing girly things to the max this week. I have been compensating - beer, takeaways, test match cricket and computer games.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Blogging - I've finally started. I've always felt there have been too many "words" out there... a lot of words, not a lot of sense. A lot of things being said, not a lot being done. So, perhaps I'm contradicting myself by starting to blog. But there is a lot to comment on, at the moment. Possibly some of the most memorable weeks in my lifetime. Memorable for many reasons - euphoria, confusion, optimism, disapointment, sorrow, activism and relaxation.

REM at Hyde Park on Saturday. Rob Winmill and I made it down in time, but missed most of the support acts. The gig was great, but it didn't start that way. People were narked at each other for putting girlfriends on shoulders, for being tall, for being hot, for being a bit drunk. I was dissapointed for two reasons: firstly, the Gold Circle lot kept us miles away from the stage and secondly, the noise quality was poor and too low. Not often its said about an outdoor concert but this one was too quiet. I could have a conversation with the person next to me, or on my mobile phone. Standing less than a 100 yards from the stage of a concert with 58,000 people? Well frankly, that shouldn't be happening. The song selection was excellent and as their tour closer REM rocked. It was special to have Patty Smith there too. They've not aged as well as U2 but they still can carry a tune.

Transport to and from London was a disaster. Between mid-day on Saturday (leaving York after Doug's Mission Day) and mid-day on Sunday (back in York for a birthday pub lunch) Rob and I had spent at least 13 hours in transit in a car, several trains, buses, tubes and on foot.