Thursday, January 18, 2007

Nelson not well. Just a quick note to let you all know Nelsinho had a pretty bad fever this week. He seems to be on the mend... please pray for a full recovery for the little dude.

As from today I'm starting a New Years list of things I miss about England versus things I love about Brazil called ENGLAND v BRAZIL and here is the first one.

Things I miss about England #44: Pint Glasses. Brazil being hot you'd think they'd like BIG cups to put lots of water in. Not so. Juice or water and even beer comes served in petite recipticles only barely bigger than shot glasses. Where is the good old fashioned pint-a-lager I ask you? "We don't like our beer left out too long - it gets warm so fast" was the reply from Rachel's Uncle on this topic. Small glasses mean you can keep your liquids in the fridge rather than in your glass, it seems... but all the same when you fancy a swift one there's nothing quite like a full pint I say.

Things I love about Brazil #73: Hammocks. Brazilians know how to relax and fix hammocks to everything to provide optimum opportunities for lounging. We have one in our house pinned up between two walls. Nelsinho loves it! Ideally, hammocks should be placed near the fridge, under shade, overlooking a quiet beach.

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