Saturday, January 27, 2007

And back in the real world... Sorry to all you avid readers that the blog has not been updated as regularly as the twice a week I´ve been aiming for in the past. Definitley back on now as CELTA has finished for all intents and purposes. Final assignment in and marked and no more teaching practice. Now the real thing: teaching English... classes start in about 10 days time!

(For any English Teachers out there - never try to teach Brazilians the Present Perfect Simple. It has no equivelent in Portuguese and they will haul you over the coals for it. I discovered this first hand yesterday in a class I was teaching!)

Nelson well. Ol´"Golden Boy" (as he has recently been christened by some Brazilian relatives) is doing just fine after his fever and stomach bug last week. More teeth are coming through but apart from that he is in tip top form and continues to be a very energetic and happy little boy. Thanks for praying.

Things I miss about England #16: Fresh Milk. Just UHT out of packets for us here and Nido (or Nongo if you´re Mev) powdered variety...
Things I love about Brazil #81: Warm evenings. Walking in the sea breeze in just shorts, a t-shirt and sandals. Doesn't sound like Scarborough in January does it?

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Matt Neighbour said...

Just rediscovered your blog! Thanks for the email, all well with us. Noémie nearly better, just a few pains now and then. I didn't get a new job so just same old same old for me. I'm not very good at keeping my blog so my Flickr photostream is probably the best record of my life! (

Have you got photos somewhere?

Good to read all your blog and connect with you in a fashion. God bless!