Thursday, January 11, 2007

Helta sCELTA. Into week 2 of CELTA. Everyone is exhausted trying to keep up with the work load and compete for least hours slept last night awards... but it seems to be going well. A few interesting cultural differences in how people learn. Brazilians have been taught their language in very structured ways involving grammar tables and charts, unlike us Brits. They seem to rattle off English grammar like there is no tomorrow... It is true, however, that Brazilians display a greater range of emotions when they learn. When things are going well they are over the moon. When not (and most of them seem to be in blind panic on CELTA most of the time) they are extremely melancholic, and refuse to see the "bigger" picture. For some of them the stakes are high - their careers, even their present jobs, depend on them getting this certificate.

How to drive your wife to distraction. I'm sure the Bible talks about not driving your wife nuts, but if you fancy a larf have a go at practicing teaching English when at home. For example, Rach asks: "Please put the plates on the table". Mev and I repeat ad nauseam our check questions: "PLEASE put the plates on the TABLE. Please put the PLATES on the table. Put the knives on the table? Noooooo. Eat the plates? Nooooo. Put the plates on the floor? Nooooo. Please put the plates on the table" etc. etc.

Arsenal. Just thought I'd mention it, but Arsenal have beaten Liverpool 3 times this season scoring a total of 12 goals. I got to watch the FA Cup game on ESPN here... what a goal by Henry! Just couldn't resist mentioning it really.

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