Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How to move to Brazil in 10 (not so) easy steps. So we´ve arrived. Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday and all is well. If anyone were to marry a Brazilian from a family not unlike Rach´s they may find the following 10 steps helpful in mentally preparing for a move to South America.

1) Pack far too much stuff for your luggage allowance but go to the airport anyway. Once at the airport come up with creative solutions for getting on the plane. For example, in our case, upgrade your baby´s ticket to an adult one thus procuring more luggage allowance and space on flight. Find very helpful airport steward to sort it all out for you and give you a cheap price for a single ticket.
2) Cry lots as you say goodbye to good friends (in our case the Byrnes and Mr B).
3) Take 30 minutes to get through security because you have decided to wear two pairs of clothes and stuff every pocket with heavy electrical goods. Ask strangers to hold your baby. Smile at grumpy security guards. Throw away non-clear liquids. All dignity you have will be lost at this point.
4) Buy food before boarding non-food providing charter flight.
5) Find another Anglo-Brazilian couple with small children to talk to at the gate. This will help you feel like you are not the only ones attempting the impossible.
6) Entertain baby for 9 hours on flight. Sit next to helpful strangers who will baby sit for you.
7) Arrive exhausted in Brazil but do not expect to go to bed early.
8) Drive for 2 hours (practically next door in Brazil terms) and stop for a family gathering, involving food and many many pictures. Expect your baby to be cuddled and pictured by everyone with everyone from multiple generations. Baby will be over-stimulated and may not go back to sleep quickly.
9) Drive another 2 hours to new home. Participate in another party with more food which lasts until 1am Brazil time. Spend a moment thinking about how this equates to 4am British time. You have been awake for nearly 24 hours. Smile and enjoy it! It won´t happen everyday and Brazilians are World Masters at having spontaneous parties to welcome tired travellers.
10) Make your excuses as a "gringo", wave goodnight, have a cold shower (as the temp outside is 31 C) and then have a kip for a week.

Watch this space for pictures of our new home!

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Katie Mc Katieson said...

Oh hurray for your blogspot and the wonder that is the internet! I'm glad you arrived safely and I'm looking forward to reading about your everyday life in Brazil. Much love, Katie R