Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Groundbreaking news: Brazil really is different to the UK (part 1)! Rach´s Uncle Andy reminded me this weekend that as a developing country, the cost of labour in Brazil is very cheap. In other words, when it comes to value for money you are better off using locally produced, hand made products and not industrialised goods which are expensive to produce or import. In practice this means that fresh corn on the cob is better value than tinned corn. Or, hand made shoes are cheaper than branded trainers. In the UK the opposite is largely the case. So, this morning for breakfast I had papaya and pineapple with some fresh juice. In other words, no Kelloggs cereals or packaged bread. It was a win-win situation. My breakfast was healthier, cheaper and tasted better.

Chad. My parents live and work in Chad, North Africa. The country is in the throes of major upheavel. Christians, please pray for safety for ex-pats and Chadians, for wisdom for Dad to know when and if to evacuate his team. Pray for a peaceful solution to the conflict.
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