Sunday, November 26, 2006

Gatherings. Yesterday we went up to Joao Passoa for a family gethering. It was the first time Nelson met his Great Great Grandmother Bemvienda - a sprightly 89 in a few weeks time and still as sharp as a tack. Many cousins, Uncles and Aunts congregated for a day of banter and food. I sat in with the men and talked about fishing and surfing, topics of which I know nothing about in English yet alone Portuguese. Nelson was passed around like a hot potato (which is a good description of how he must have felt in the heat). In general he seems pretty unphased by the large family he has been born into.

Sunday today and just back from church. We visited the church where Rachel grew up. After the service a mad scrum ensued as buxom Brazilian women fought to get near to baby Nelsinho. I was an unfortunate obstacle in the way of their mad piranha-like frenzy and found myself practically crow- barred from my seat by a pair of old ladies knees. I find it hard to be offended though - it is wonderful to see everyone delighting in baby Nels. The pastor came to say hello and asked me if I was Brazilian. "Nao, sou ingles" I explained. "English? God save the Queen!" was the reply.

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