Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year! Where were you for New Years eve? I was in the same place I've been for the last two years - in Recife, once again on the roof of a skyscraper overlooking the city, seeing the fireworks lighting up the beaches.

I just wanted to write a brief note here to say thanks for reading my blog in 2008 and I hope you keep reading until July 2009 which is when we'll stop (as we'll be leaving Brazil, actually).

Just a few end of year stats, miscellany and thanks. The blog has steadily averaged 200 views per month, with a peak last year in May (coinciding with Gloria's birth and the 10 extra posts I did about that). You readers have been treated to more posts this year - 124 as opposed to 107 in 2007. That's well over my two posts a week policy.

Sitemeter informs me I have readers in Norway (I'm guessing ex-International Students), the States (you know who you are in Utah and Seattle!) and throughout the UK as well as occasional readers from other continents. I know who you regulars are and I'm grateful for your interest! However, some mysteries still present themselves - who is reading the website regularly from Portugal? And there are others within Brazil reading as well, it seems. Whoever you are, thanks!

I have a lot of plans for the final 6 months as there's still so much to write about, especially if I want to complete my 100 lists of things I miss and things I love! Also, in true web 2.0 spirit, if you have any ideas, suggestions, questions, corrections, etc. concerning content please let me know.

Once again, feliz ano novo!

Funny video. Q: What happens when you work a 7-month-old baby hard in the swimming pool then leave her to eat her lunch? A: A small child asleep on a plate of soup. See here:

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