Monday, January 19, 2009


(Due to not having internet at home at the moment my blogging plans have been temporarily scrambled. Letters C,D and E are to appear in the next post. Mum and Dad left this morning at 4am for their 24 series of flights to take them back to the States. One more post from Mum is due so watch this space).

F is for food. Lots of. And very delicious. The highlight for me was a fabulous meal in a restaurant based in a renovated old British train station just outside Natal.

G is for Gloria. In the month that Mum and Dad have been with us, Gloria has changed considerably. She had just mastered clapping her hands and now, by mid-January, we think she has her first word (a mumble that sounds like "Mum") and she can walk along the side of a sofa and she has hair which could be brushed. Progress indeed. Its been great for Mum and Dad to have time with her.

H is for hotels and hospitals - where we spent large chunks of our time. We spent 4 days over Christmas in Cabo EcoResort lodge down in Porto de Galinhas (as described by Mum in an earlier post) and we managed one night away in Pipa, the coastal town close to Natal. We picked out a hotel in development (there was no breakfast included) with a HUGE pool. Nobody else was there - the views, the sunset, the company were excellent.

Unfortunately, after our trip to Pipa Gloria contracted a nasty infection resulting in frequent fevers. After several days and not much improvement, she began to vomit too. Rachel and Gloria installed themselves in a hospital which is where they stayed for the best part of 4 days. Gloria has my inherited blood problem and so a blood transfusion was felt to be necessary. All went well, and she is her usual pink, beaming self again - she was so grateful to be home, I was surprised her first words weren't "For goodness sakes, don't ever take me out of here again! Where's my cot?".

Thanks to many of you who prayed and to an awesome God who heals.

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