Friday, August 31, 2007

Status: exhausted. Nelson picked up a virus on Sunday last weekend and he had a fever for the best part of the last few days. As he wasn't allowed to go into his play school we had to share the baby sitting duties between Rachel and I and the extended family. Most of the time this meant we were running around like headless chickens and not sleeping much at night either! Pleased to report he his better, except for a bum rash (also nearly better!) which causes him no end of discomfort and sends him climbing up the nearest wall. The agenda for this weekend: sleep whenever possible.

Diana's death remembered. The anniversary of the death of Diana. We probably all remember where we were... I was on the minibus on the way back from Wales where I and some school pals had just completed the 14 peaks challenge. Brazilians ask a lot about the Royal Family in the UK, and I expect I'll be using some of the media coverage of Diana in my English lessons. She remains an iconic figure, even here.

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