Monday, April 23, 2007


Things I miss about England #98: The Hoobs. Great kids show on Channel 4 I used to watch with Nelsinho... All together now: "We`re off to see the tiddly-peeps, on the road we go!"

Things I love about Brazil #71: Discovery Kids Brasil They may not have the Hoobs here but Cable TV provides several channels of 24 hour kids programmes. Advert free, non-violent and educational, Discovery Kids presented by the intrepid Doki Descobre (pictured) is our (and Nelsinho`s) favourite. What`s more is that he teaches Portuguese to small children which I find helpful. "As formas sao muito divertidos!" (Shapes are a lot of fun!).

If anyone finds themselves in Brazil, looking after a baby between the hours of 5am and 7am here is a review of the best (and worst) things to watch on Discovery Kids. Check the link above for more details on any of these shows, or for the chance to play games with Doki and learn some Portuguese.

Pocoyo (also seen in the UK). The English version is narrated by Stephen Fry. A 3-yr old, and his duck (Pato) and elephant (Ellie) friend have numerous, unpredictable adventures. Absolutely brilliant short animation series from a production company based in Madrid. Great sfx too. 9/10

Jakers! As Adventuras de Piggly Winks (Jakers! The adventures of Piggly Winks). This show has a clever premise - an old Irish pig living in America tells his grandchildren what it was like growing up in rural Ireland. Good music, animation average. 7/10

Harry e o balde de dinosaurs (Harry and his bucket of dinosaurs). Not bad, mildly entertaining animation about a boy who has adventures in the imaginary "Dino-World" with his bucket of dinosaurs who come to life. 6/10

Os Irmaos Coalas (The Koalo Brothers). As the theme tune says "adoram ajudar" (they love to help!). Alrightish antics of two brothers who live in a caravan in the Australian outback. They fly around in a plane and help people. The problems with this show are many: why do the 8 people living in a small village in the outback need help every day? How can the Koalo Brothers afford to run a plane when they appear to have no source of income? Who are the two kids who live with them - the frankly wet Ned (see Caillou and Poko below), and the annoying Josie? Why do they kids never go to school? My theory: Ned and Josie are foster kids and the Brothers Koalo use Australian state money meant for education to fund their fixation with flying in their old time plane. The village folk are too polite to tell the brothers that they don`t need any help at all... 5/10

Toddworld. Todd is far too politically correct to be a real boy living in the real world. 4/10.

Caillou (3/10), Poko (2/10). Boring, slow, dreamy and tame stories about two young lads who probably flinch at passing butterflies. Poko has anger management issues too.


Dona Nonó said...
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Dona Nonó said...

you missed little people, Charlie and lola and pinky dinky doo. sofia loves them (and miguel started also to pay attention). Loves Save uns, but its too annoying.

On Nickelodeon - all Sofia's pick - you'll have miffy (for girls actually) and sponge bob.

On Disney channel: padrinhos mágicos (i think it is the odd godparents, but for older kids and great for parents), art attack, Brandy e senhor bigodes (might be Brandy and mr whiskas, for parents as well =p), Meggie a mosca zoadora.

On cartoon network: billy and mandy, PPG and A mansão foster para amigos imaginários.

On jetix: Ying yang yo (not sure) and padrinhos mágicos.

An last but not least: Great for little kids (sofia loves it but our cable doesnt have it) is Baby TV. Discovery kids isnt add free. Baby tv is and is aimed to kids from 0 to 3 years old. Might be on Fox Life channel.

Mariano said...

lazy town i don't like much but the original idea (it is a book actually) is good. Its for kids get moving and have a nice diet. I don't like thomas, annoys me the fact that the people don't really move and the round "always happy face" with the trains have.

You are now in a good phase. "Cubinhos" was really awfully done and had bad arguments and Sofia liked it and so others.

(thats mariano user but its barbara talking...)

lovehurts said...
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Dona Nonó said...

I forgot one that I used to like a lot and its just at weekends. Its "Peep" (at DK) and teachs physics and science, in a very simple way.

I had one more for the list, but cant really remember now.