Friday, June 19, 2009

Another story based on last post`s TIMAE #6. Steve and Celia will keep renting our flat after we leave. Indeed, my good friend Tom Reeves is coming out to teach English and will probably live in the place. Steve wants Sky TV installed so he can watch his football. A simple matter? So, we were told.

The guys came to install Sky TV and then discovered that no other apartment on our building had Sky TV so they would have to put a dish on the roof and a wire down the wall and into our flat. To get permission to do this we needed to speak to the head of the Condomonium committee who in turn would need to speak to the residents. Rachel dutifully did this on her Dad`s behalf. First thoughts were, seeing as everyone uses another cable operator, probably Sky wouldn`t be an option. And then came back the news. The committee would like to consider installing Sky in every apartment in the building as maybe it`s better. We rolled our eyes. How long would this take to decide? 3 weeks, 3 months?

And all my father in law wanted to do was watch football!

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