Saturday, May 02, 2009

Guest photoblogger: Nathan Rockley. A bumper final offering from Mr. Nathan. Four more photos from their time in Fortaleza, including an appearance of Smilinguido (the famuos Brazilian Christian ant painted on the walls of Gabriel's home) and also a young chap who Nathan befriended. A big thank you to Nathan for his photos. They've certainly brightened up my blog. All we need now from the ever-talented Rockleys is a contribution from Priya which, Paul assures me, is in the pipeline. In the meantime, I leave you with Nathan's top ten experiences in Brazil:

1. Meeting Gabrielle
2. Walking through the jungle (That is, the Eco-sanctuary at Pipa)
3. Sand dune buggy ride
4. Ma-Noa (The waterpark)
5. The fabulous beaches
6. All the piscinas (yes, it is fair to say, Nathan and Priya road-tested many swimming pools during their time - Ed).
7. Nature park
8. Plane flights
9. The heat
10. Crazy road train at Fortaleza. (I wasn't there for this - you'll just have to ask Nathan to explain next time you see him)

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