Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Internet goals 2009. A bit like new year's resolutions and a few weeks early, I've decided to follow the suggestion made on dailyblogtips.com of making a list of blogging/internet aims for 2009 and publishing them as a post. The idea is then to check this next year and see how I've been getting on. So, in no particular order, in 2009 I will aim to:

1. Finish and finish well Maps and Legends when I leave Brazil in August.

2. Rachel and I are working on an idea for a website called, tentatively, "BRitain BRazil BRidge" which, as the name suggests, aim to be a bridge between these two fantastic nations. By this time next year the website should be up and running with half a dozen key articles and full resources sections.

3. To get over 100 daily hits on maddogsandenglish.wordpress.com.

4. To read the internet more efficiently and to apply (in my life, in my writing) what I like about what I read.

5. Write better blog entries. This entry from Jim Estill posted on copyblogger is a good model to start with, although I don't want to "dumb down" just for the sake of it.

6. Write at least 1 article per month for a website/publication which I am not a regularly contributing writer.

7. To be somewhere further down the road on understanding what God thinks of the internet and what he wants us to do with it.

8. Give twitter a go...

What are your internet goals for 2009?

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magicroundabout said...

Ah - mine's easy. Migrate from BLogger to Wordpress as per my recent blog post - possibly on my own server???

Be sure to look us up on Twitter when you arrive! And check out Ping.fm for updating multiple statuses, and Twhirl (www.twhirl.org) as a desktop Twitter app!