Wednesday, January 23, 2008

5 reasons why the last two days have been quite memorable.
1. Last night was another scorcher in Natal. We had the fans on full. 3am, I am awoken by Nelson crying. Then Rach notices our fan is not working and then a quick glance out the window revealed Brazil's biggest Christmas tree (about 150 yards from our house and which stays lit all year round) had been turned off. Nelson's fan was off too and the poor lad was dripping with sweat. He drank two bottles of water to cool down. At about 4am the electricity kicked back in and was greeted by whoops of joy up and down the street as fans and air conditioners spluttered back into life. Am exhausted today.
2. We have Lightning McQueen! In our bid to collect all the dinky cars based on the characters of the Disney/Pixar film Cars, we had hit a snag when all the toy shops in Natal sold out of the model vehicles. But they got a new stock in yesterday and Rach was the first customer, so we got Lightning McQueen and Sally! Now we need Mater, Chick, the Sherriff and Flo to really make the collection... and Rach has already reserved her favourite: the tractor. Nelson is delighted, but his parents are ecstatic.
3. Heath Ledger R.I.P. and he was only 28. I am 28 this year and it is a little odd hearing about the passing away of a contemporary. A tragedy.
4. Good news: Joy Simpson has confirmed she is coming to stay with us in Feb. Her tickets are booked. We love it when people visit!
5. Spurs beat Arsenal 5-1 and it only took them 9 years to do it. Actually, in a strange way it's better the Gunners lost properly rather than by a jammy scramble in injury time, that would've been more annoying. We were thumped, they wanted it more, simple as that. But we will beat them again, oh yes. And remember, we were fielding our b team...

Just a reminder to check out the last post if you missed it, especially the "Ethical Dilemma" bit. Ross Wintle has kindly put up some excellent extra thoughts. Anyone else?

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