Wednesday, December 13, 2006

First time for lots of things. Praise God for answered prayers! Today is the first day I feel on the mend after a nasty tummy virus which left me with a 5 day long fever. First time that's happened to me in Brazil. First time in my life I lost a stone in less than a week, after it was the first time I threw up in a Brazilian restaurant. I was treated by a Dr Ricardo Carvalho which is the first time (as far as I am aware) I've been seen by a medical professional with the same name as a Premiership footballer.

This all happened on my first trip to Natal. On the first day we tried looking for a house to rent, the first one we found seemed ideal - a 3 bedroom bungalow walking distance from the English school where I will be teaching from in February. Watch this space for more news about that.

A few other firsts... Today is the first day I will ever have been shaved by somebody other than myself. You see, I have a rather substantial beard (my first in Brazil, if you will) and I'm wondering how to pare it down. Its cheaper to pay 50p to a local chappy to do it at the market, then to spend several times that amount buying imported razor blades and doing it myself. Also, today is the first day of Nelson's Great Great Grandma's 89th year. At a family do a few weeks ago she spelt out her wish: "This is my present that you are all together here with me. If you were thinking of buying me presents, don't! Give the money to the church!". That speech turned a few heads, it was a first for the family.

More news in the next couple of days... Thanks to all who expressed concern about my sickness.

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